Beautiful Miss Kaitlyn came from Whitewright to have her senior pictures taken. Kaitlyn is the younger sister of one of my 2010 Brides (Linsey) who’s wedding I shot last month. I had a BLAST with Kaitlyn and her cousin Aleisha! I think I need to take Aleisha with me to all my sessions to keep it interesting! ;) haha!

Thank you Aleisha, for making Kaitlyn get in the box! ;)

Notice the floating UT shirt in the background of the image on the right?? Yep, thats Alesiha. ;) Kaitlyn and I were talking and not paying attention to what Aleisha was doing.. when I looked up I died laughing because there was the UT shirt floating in the air! She had found a long stick, draped the shirt over it and was flying her FLAG in the background!

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