While you are waiting for your upcoming portrait session date, here are a few things that might answer some questions, make things a bit easier and help you get ready!

I have a TSP Pinterest board strictly created to assist clients in searching for the perfect wardrobe for their session. You can find this board HERE. I have also included a few tips about choosing your wardrobe as well as some links to some of my favorite online shops for kids clothing HERE. I also have a collection of little girls boutique and high end dresses available to wear for sessions (that don't involve getting messy) and you can find those HERE. I also have a few baby/toddler boy items.

If you haven't already, please remember to fill out and submit your online portrait agreement and mail in your retainer ($250) to reserve your date!

If you need hair and makeup for your session, I highly recommend Smokin' Hot Makeup. You can contact Tiffany at: tiffanykremers@hotmail.com

You can find and print your Print Release here anytime.

How to prepare and what to bring:

Lay your clothes out the night before. If you have work or anything the next day- sometimes you get busy and things get hectic. It's a good idea that you have everything gathered and together (jewelry and shoes included) and put together in 1 place so that you don't forget anything if you have to run out the door.

Make sure everything is clean and wrinkle-free. Don't leave this to the last minute-- it might not get done that way.

If you have little ones, make sure they get their naps! This makes a huge difference! I know sometimes this doesn't happen, but it's a good idea to try.

If you have little ones, make sure they have clean faces. Bringing wipes is always a good idea. Most little ones have the sniffles from allergies or colds throughout the year. Also make sure they are free of tattoos, marker art, etc. (Sometimes this sneaks by.) ;)

Your final balance. Remember that your final balance + any travel fees (if applicable) are due AT your session. If you need to pay by credit card, make sure you arrange this ahead of time. I can send a PayPal invoice (including PayPal fees) prior to the session and you can pay the day of the session.

Ladies-- don't forget your nails! I have so many women who, only after getting to their session, remember their nail polish is chipped. This is usually the last thing on our minds-- but if this is something that is important to you, make sure to get a manicure (and/or pedicure) or just do a little touchup your self!

Family and Child sessions: I love incorporating items in that are meaningful to your little family. Bring something that is an important past time for your family. Or bring a favorite toy or 2 for your child. Musical instruments, stuffed animals or a favorite blanket... a board game you love to play, etc.

Seniors: do something unique! If you have a style you like, lets go all out! Or lets end with something fun! Seniors always have ideas about their session.. don't hesitate to shoot me some and we can talk about making your session special and unique!