Never Grow Up

It’s happened. We are only 5 days away from my baby being 1 year old. It makes me so sad to think that a whole year has passed and I would give ANYTHING in this world just to be able to rewind her first year just 1 more time. We look at pictures of “newborn Briley” and I feel like it was a billion years ago that she was so tiny, with her straight dark hair. This is something that was actually just thrown together. I took these clips the week before her birthday party (attempting to get 1 shot for a Christmas card) but after the meltdown of not wanting to wear the hat I ordered especially for the picture AND not allowing me to wipe her running nose OR the drool from her face, (she’s cutting 4 TOP TEETH at the same time. That’s just not fair.) Then she pulled her pigtails down and knowing I needed to pick my battle, I just left the wild baby hair be. ;) This is as good as I could get. I was disappointed and frustrated at the time.. but then a few days later while pulling an all nighter to attempt to get caught up, I heard a song that brought tears to my eyes… because it’s like the words were taken right out of my mouth. Then it dawned on me that I had those pictures and videos of Briley that I had just shot and hadn’t done anything with.. so this was thrown together in about 20 minutes. I never imagined a Christmas card shoot meltdown would end up making something that just made my heart ache. I hadn’t had time to even upload the video, but last night I decided to start it before I went to bed and cross my fingers that it would upload and not stall during the night.. when I woke up this morning it was finished.. so now I wanted to share it with ya’ll. Watch it and think of your babies and be sure to give them a big hug and kiss when you see them because I never realized just how fast time flew until we had Bear.. and now as bad as we want to, we can’t slow it down. (Again… ignore the runny nose and drool.) ;)

Tara Swain is an internationally featured and published, award winning Wedding and Portrait Photographer based in Paris, Texas and specializing in child photography and elaboratle and whimcially styled sessions. She wokrs on location as well as offering a large, natural light studio right outside of Paris.